we are the pride of all europe

We Are The Pride of All Europe

Pride of All Europe

Perhaps this chant is one of the most iconic of the United chants, it can be heard at every home and away game. Learn the lyrics to We Are the Pride of all Europe and show your dislike of the Scousers, Cockneys and LEEDS!

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See the full lyrics to We Are the Pride of All Europe Man United chant below:

“We are just one of those teams that you see now and then,
We often score six but we seldom score ten,
We beat ’em at home and we beat ’em away,
We kill any b*st*rds that get in our way,
We are the pride of all Europe, The c*ck of the North,
We hate the Scousers and Cockneys of course AND LEEDS,
We are United without any doubt,
We are the Manchester boys!”

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