Lisandro Martinez Chant

Lisandro Martinez Chant

Licha Chant & Lyrics

Lisandro Martinez (a.k.a Licha) is our World Cup winning center back who was deemed too small to play in the Permier League by the supposed football expert Jamie Carragher. LOOL

Although on social media there has been a remake of the Roy Keane Chant as a tribure for Licha, that is not his dedicated chant. Below are the TWO real dedicated chants for The Butcher.

Learn more Man United chants by visiting our homepage or see our previous post Who The Fck Are MAn United. Still can’t find the right chant? Make sure to search for it in the search bar at the top of the page!

Learn the full lyrics to the Lisandro Martinez chants below:


“Tip Toe, Through The Kop End,
With a Cleaver, He’s From Argnetina!”

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